06 Mar 2016

Come Home Video Released TODAY!

Our children are our gifts and as a mother who dotes over her children I’ve struggled with letting go and sharing my offspring in a world where negative forces peak and many gullible young people find it much harder than in my youth to navigate a secure future.

The frightening temptations that loom can be all too catastrophic, detrimental and destructive to family life and as parents we suffer in silence, ashamed of a lack of control, to exert an influence that might change our childrens directions and choices.

We have seen a rampant rise in young men robbing each other of life without a care and sedating thier senses. Material gain is by any means necessary and a lack of respect for morals and a common decency is the emerging norm.

No we can’t wrap our kids in cotton wool and yes they need to fall to learn but these dangerous cycles need to be broken somehow.

In my experience I know that only fervent prayer can do this, why? Because I have lived those moments of darkness as a mother, and I have seen the hand of God move when all else failed, when all I could do was cry out and fall on my knees.

This release “Come Home” is dedicated to every mother trying to raise her children in the right way and to every confused child searching for instruction and direction.

Pray you are encouraged and inspired.

Happy Mothers Day!
Shezekiel x

Read the lyrics here:

02 Jan 2016

A New Year Message from Shezekiel

Thank you for all the wonderful support, love shown, the doors opened on my behalf and links made.

2015 has been a mixture of happiness and sorrow as I saw the birth of my grand daughter in November and the death of my sister on New Years eve.

But as we reflect on 2015 I thought I’d share some lessons learnt.

  1. It’s okay to be yourself but not to be consumed by self.
  2. Most people are feeling the same as you but you have to be timely, and brave enough to voice it.
  3. Judge that you may not be judged because you have no idea of another person’s life journey or where and at what point God intercept’s that person’s life…
  4. It’s okay to cry when words aren’t enough because the pain of loss has no language.
  5. To experience and understand the real power of prayer and the miracle of life and death is life changing.
  6.  Life is short.
  7. Forgiveness free’s the heart & mind.

Catch the Boat 2016And now finally, I am so excited to be releasing my album ‘Catch the Boat’ this year supported by local shows, performances and more music videos. So look out for more updates and please do share the info…

Yes I’m going to blow my trumpet for 2016!

More Love Peeps
Shezekiel x


04 Oct 2015

Writing the song ‘I Am With You’

I wrote this song at 19 year’s old and used to practice it with my former group Brown Sugar. A version of this track was recorded with Aswad and it must be in someone’s musical vault somewhere because it was never released.

I remember being very shy singing it as the band played and Tony Gad (Aswad’s Keyboardist) would chuckle at my vibrato, so I thought I must have sounded kind of silly but maybe the affirmative part of me would like to think that I was too young to realise that Tony’s chuckle was actually an approval of the way the song was sung.

I’d written ‘I Am with You’ in 1981, at a time when I was questioning my life; the meaning of life and my future. I was really feeling very insecure and anxious as a mother of a one year old little boy. It was during this time of my life that I would go to sleep and wake from a mixture of strange, startling and beautiful dreams. I would look forward to being spiritually comforted in my sleep as the nights appeared more vivid to me then, than in the days.

At such a tender age I would keep a book by my bedside and write down every dream I saw. One night, I was so inspired I wrote the song I’ve now proudly recorded with Clifton ‘Bigga’ Morrison.
When Clifton first heard the song it really moved him and he said that the word’s held him in a special place. Amazingly he heard every chord played as a composition in his sleep and meditation and I am just in awe of his musicianshipship and so grateful for his contribution.

I sincerely hope these words of my song are of comfort to you because no matter what trials you face in this life, we are never alone and “In the Silence of the night Yeshua, Abba, Father is with you” …

Be Blessed, Shezekiel x

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