17 Apr 2017

A Fresh Start

pauline picGreetings Peep’s

I’d like to say a big thank you to all of you who have recently joined my mailing list and downloaded the free EP ‘A Message from Shezekiel‘ too!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, Just over 9 months in fact! The album ‘Catch the Boat ‘was due to be launched in Autumn 2016, but tragedy after tragedy in the guise of death has been chasing my dream to release my first album like a tsunami and on 31st October last year the producer of my impending album Wayne Brown died.

For me it’s been continuous seasons of woe and despair and I found myself paralysed emotionally, still saddened by the loss of my sister on Christmas Eve 2015, my stepdaughter October 2016, the sudden and untimely death of a close family friend in November 2016 followed the passing of my favourite uncle in December of 2016. I must be honest, these deaths hit so hard that I was consumed with thoughts of my own mortality, I lost all confidence and I was numbed.

However, I eventually did find some peace, solitude and respite having travelled to a vegan health retreat called the Herghilia Lifestyle Centre in the beautiful country of Romania, which I can only describe as a hospital for the sick in mind body and spirit, where love was shown and prayers were a sweet fragrance, where miracles happened and where wisdom, knowledge and understanding spoke to me, all based on the principles of God’s Word. I spent eleven glorious days with people suffering all types of illnesses and addictions and emerged spiritually rejuvenated and refreshed.

I don’t celebrate the Easter festival but I do have a faith in Yeshua which is Christ and in his absolute resurrection. I believe he has the keys to life and death, so in HIM I continue to trust knowing that one day, in that great getting up morning, all wickedness, weeping, wailing and the sorrows of this world will cease.

So, despite nine months of uncertainty, I’m very happy to say that this gap in time has given birth to a renewed vision and a fresh start for the Shezekiel album project.

I might have been down but I’m certainly not out! So keep the faith and keep resurrecting your dreams too …

Blessed Love!


26 Jun 2016

A Message from Shezekiel EP

I’m thrilled to bring you the release of my EP ‘A Message from Shezekiel’

Blessed love,

Shezekiel x

‘A Message from Shezekiel’ EP – OUT NOW! 

Featuring the tracks:

1. Beams From Heaven
2. I Am With You
3. Come Home
4. We Pray

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Also for those that have yet to watch by brand new music video, here is ‘We Pray’

We Pray

Lyrics for all tracks –

17 Jun 2016

We Pray

Just this week alone we have seen a scale of wickedness that is an absolutely rife phenomena in our time! Senseless killings and incomprehensible madness being played out daily. The media’s denial of global atrocities hidden from sight and as knowledge increases, if it were not for social media we’d truly be fooled. There exists a continuous and rampant pick and mix of who is deemed a terrorist and so in my human simplicity I am reduced to tears of compassion not unlike, I assume many of us who bear witness to these heart breaking trends of our world. So maybe it is a divine unction why I chose to release my fourth music video ” We Pray” this weekend which I wrote in 2014. I truly believe that our relationship with God is a very personal and private matter and that we cannot stand in judgement of anyone but we can stand loving and righteous in the truth. For He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the amighty. Selah!

Blessed Love,
Shezekiel x

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